[ the hackers that screw ]

About Us

TheHackersCrew is a multinational cybersecurity team that actively participates in CTF (Capture The Flag) competitions. Originally founded at the end of 2020, recruitment began several months later in April 2021. Today, we boast a diverse roster of professionals and students from all around the world, spanning 15+ countries across 6 continents!

According to CTFtime, TheHackersCrew is the 11th highest ranked team in 2024 so far out of 4905 teams. We ranked 11th out of 40,869 teams, 13th out of 38,050 teams, and 24th out of 38,877 teams in the 2023, 2022 and 2021 seasons respectively. In total, the team has won 🥇 1st in 21 CTFs, 🥈 2nd in 21 CTFs, and 🥉 3rd in 11 CTFs.